Your garden in your hands

Your Vegetable Garden

From the makers of the award-winning garden planner used by over 250,000 gardeners, Garden Plan Pro is the fastest way to plan a productive vegetable, herb or fruit garden and achieve your best ever harvest!

Design the Perfect Plan

With flexible drawing tools and an extensive database of plants and varieties, Garden Plan Pro makes it easy to design the perfect garden layout, rearrange plants and track progress.

Adapts to Your Location

Using data from more than 6,500 weather stations in 20 countries, Garden Plan Pro adapts to your climate, giving recommended planting and harvesting dates for your area.

Planting Reminders

Garden Plan Pro makes your life easy by sending you reminders of when to plant the crops in your plans twice a month by email. You can even customize dates for specific plants or varieties.

Flexible Tools

Unlike other apps, Garden Plan Pro will work with practically any size or shape of garden. Whether you plant in traditional rows, raised beds, or using the SFG method, Garden Plan Pro can help you achieve the ideal plan for the space you have.

Intelligent Advice

Garden Plan Pro understands plants. As you add crops, it automatically spaces them correctly. Crop rotation advice is shown for subsequent plans and you can plan succession sowing month-by-month to get the most from your plot.

iPad® iPhone® Mac® PC

Garden Plan Pro is part of the garden planning suite of software so you can share plans between the desktop version and your iPad and iPhone.

First-Class Support

Receive personal support by email to help you get the most from Garden Plan Pro. We pride ourselves on the quality of the support we give and will continue to add powerful new features to the app.